Can you snowboard without lessons?

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Can you snowboard without lessons?

Simply put yes, you can learn without lessons however the question really is why would you?  Many people save up for a holiday on the snow and spend a large amount of money just so they can spend time on the snow.  You have ask yourself after spending this money why would you then not invest in the reason why you have come to a ski resort in the first place.  Afterall do you want to learn fast and be able to enjoy your time snowboarding with friends and family around the resort or take extra days on the beginner slope trying to learn without professional help?  Its a bit like learning to drive a car, yes you could figure it out but at what cost to you and others around you?  Getting a lesson saves you from unneccessary effort and injuries, allows you to learn at a faster rate and to get to a point where you don't get stuck in bad habits. 

Personal Ability and Experience:

Some people have natural talent or prior experience in similar sports, which allows them to learn snowboarding without professional lessons more easily. For example, those with experience in surfing, skateboarding, or wakeboarding may have an easier time picking up snowboarding on their own.

It's essential to consider that everyone learns at a different pace. Being a quick learner in the beginning doesn't necessarily mean you'll become an expert, and struggling at first doesn't imply you won't eventually excel.  

Benefits of Lessons:

Taking lessons from an experienced instructor can be extremely beneficial. Lessons can help with proper technique, boost confidence, reduce the chances of developing bad habits, and minimize potential injuries.

Lessons offer guidance, feedback, and the tools necessary to improve. For beginners, this can be crucial in ensuring safety and fostering a love for the sport.

Especially for adults learning to snowboard is as much about the mental understanding of what you are telling your body to do that the physical effort.  Part of the job as an instructor is to help the brain understand counter intuitive movements are what is going to help you to progress otherwise the body and brain will fight and cause bad habits to form.  Adults understand what snowboarding is how the way the body interprets the movements is sometimes opposite of what is actually required.  An instructor can coach you to experience the correct sensations so the mind eases into this understanding and the body can then relax and make the right movements to glide down the hill. 

Drawbacks of Self-teaching:

Self-learners might develop poor habits that could result in injuries or prolonged periods of poor technique. Additionally, the lack of proper guidance could result in a flawed technique that puts one at risk of injury, especially concerning stance.  Learning this way will cost you more energy it is surprising how much your body will hurt when trying to self teach especially when new muscles are required to balance on a snowboard edge.  

Safety concerns aren't only for the individual learning; new riders can pose risks to others as they may fall more frequently.

Cultural Expectations and Trends:

The idea of taking lessons seems to be more prevalent in some cultures or regions. In the UK, for instance, beginners are often required to take lessons before being allowed on certain slopes.

Poll results from different sources showed varying trends in how people learn to snowboard. On a snowboarding forum, around 64% of respondents learned by themselves, while 22% took lessons. In contrast, on another site, 58% had lessons while 36% taught themselves.

Be aware that everyone snowboars a bit like their personality and as instructors we can see who has had lessons and those that probably have self taught.  Taking lessons allows you to have a style that looks like less effort, you probably carry a board like a pro would and just navigate the slopes with an air of knowing unlike someone who has self taught.  You don't want to be the person who has all the gear yet has no idea, not cool.

Instructors' Perspective:

From an instructors perspective why would you not.  As stated at the start why waste your time on the slopes by floundering on the beginner slopes without guidance.  The equipment and teaching methods are so good these days that guests can be up and turning in no time at all.  For me even at this level we are coaching building off what you know from life and other sports to accelerate your learning so you can progress at your pace.  In Japan it is not surprising to see a person turning unaided in a morning.  After this the lessons really start to get interesting as we then take these turns wherever your ambitions wants to go.  Learning the mental and physical needs to ride confidently around the mountain. 

In conclusion, while it is possible to snowboard without lessons, the consensus among experts and enthusiasts is that lessons, at least in the beginning, can be invaluable. They can accelerate the learning process, reduce the risk of injury, and ensure a solid foundation in technique. For those who are naturally gifted or have experience in related sports, the transition might be smoother, but for the vast majority, lessons are recommended to ensure safety and proficiency.  Make the most of your holiday and get stoked by learning how to ride far beyond what you expected. 

​​Are snowboard lessons worth it?

​​Are snowboard lessons worth it? 

Confidence and Technique:

Snowboarding lessons help both beginners and professionals. For a beginner lessons instill confidence and help in perfect techniques reducing fatigue.  For those that can already ride coaching helps continue your progression.  It's common for good riders to hit plateaus in their riding and a lesson from a coach will just introduce new movements or approaches to keep their snowboarding progressing. 


Lessons ensure that beginners learn the proper safety precautions, making the experience safer.  Making a guest feel safe on the mountain, using lifts and being aware of the dangers is key to having a memorable holiday on the slopes. 

Faster Progression:

With the guidance of a qualified instructor, learners can progress faster as they receive personalized feedback. This could be particularly beneficial for those who want to make the most of a snowboarding vacation or trip.  Intermediate/advanced riders often find an efficient position on their boards and have lost the ability to add flair to their riding, some simple coaching sessions can create an effective and dynamic riding pattern that opens up new parts of the mountain. 

Avoiding Bad Habits:

Learning from an expert instructor helps in avoiding the development of bad habits which can be hard to unlearn later. Picking up snowboarding through friends or family might lead to these bad habits and even potential disagreements.  As instructors we are not here to turn you into a robot on your board however we are also hoping to help you ride efficiently and not use movements that serve against you.  Bad habits can sometimes block your progression especially in advanced terrain and freestyle so rectifying these early on helps remove any blockers in your progression. 

Types of Lessons:

  • Private Lessons/coaching: These are easily the best for your own learning and progression.  The sessions can be tailored to your needs and accommodate your own learning style and comfort.  Instructors will adapt the way they coach to fit your needs and this only helps for you to progress at your rate of learning. 

  • Group Lessons: These are great ways to learn if cost is an issue.  You will be around other people who are learning and you can learn/laugh together.  Its important to be aware that you are in the right group lesson as if you are in a group too advanced then you will knock your confidence and maybe learn bad habits, in contrast if you are in a group which is too low a level then you might not learn as much.  Normally a good instructor will still accommodate guests who are in the wrong group however this depends on the ability of the instructor.

  • Guiding Sessions: These are less about teaching and more about taking your skills to the best part of the mountain.  Locating the best powder snow or finding the areas less crowded.  Exploring new terrain to challenge your skills. 

  • Specialist Snowboard Camps: Aimed at experienced snowboarders, these intensive camps help in mastering specific goals.  Once you can turn on a snowboard you are already having fun.  Now it is more about learning what you and your personality want to do.  Goal focused learning on snowboard camps are perfect, whether you are looking to get better at freeriding, carving, freestyle or competition there are enough camps to suit your goals. 

Cost Implications:

Lessons have a cost, but in the long run, it might be cheaper considering potential injury prevention and fast-tracked learning. Moreover, knowing the right techniques and safety measures will make your experience on the mountain more enjoyable.

To wrap up, snowboarding lessons are considered worth it for a variety of reasons, including safety, faster progression, and a more enjoyable experience on the slopes. Whether a beginner or an experienced snowboarder, there's always something new to learn and techniques to perfect.  This might seem obvious to some however as poeple progress sometimes intermediate and advanced riders forget how they can plateau in their progression.  Personal coaching is a great way to elevate your riding and introduce some new spice to your riding.  Never stop learning.