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Unearth the Secret Stashes of Niseko: Snowboard Powder Tours with Richie!

Imagine a winter wonderland, where every turn unravels untouched powder, where every slope leads to another breathtaking view, and where the thrill of snowboarding feels as exhilarating as the first time. Welcome to the magical terrains of Niseko and the broader expanses of Hokkaido!

Richie, with his immense experience and unmatched familiarity with Niseko and surrounding resorts, stands ready to guide you through the powder-filled paradises that are just waiting to be explored. From the serene in-bounds runs that feel worlds away from the crowds, to the mystique of gate-accessed trails, and the rugged beauty of the Hokkaido backcountry accessed on splitboards - every journey is a tale of adventure, excitement, and pure snowboarding bliss.

Drawing from his knowledge of the region, which boasts terrain so exclusive that it feels like you've stumbled upon a secret every time, Richie ensures that your experience is not just about snowboarding, but also about immersing in the story that the mountain whispers in your ear as you navigate its vastness.

Each tour, whether it's maneuvering through the powder stashes hidden within the resorts or venturing into the expansive Hokkaido backcountry, promises unmatched powder quality, unique terrain challenges, and memories that will be etched in your heart forever.

And, if you're wondering about the expertise required – Richie caters to a spectrum of snowboarding enthusiasts. Whether you're an intermediate looking to push your boundaries or an expert aiming to carve new lines on untouched slopes, there's an adventure waiting for you.

So, as the snow blankets Niseko and the mountains beckon, gear up for a snowboarding tour like no other. Embrace the powder, celebrate the terrain, and let Richie be your guide to snowboarding legendary Japow.

Secure your spot for this season, the only regret you will have is why didn't you do it earlier. 

Intro to Splitboarding

Experience the captivating snowy landscapes of Hokkaido, Japan, through splitboarding. Japan is renowned for its pristine powder conditions, offering an unmatched adventure for snowboarding enthusiasts. Delve into splitboarding, a unique approach that lets you ascend mountains and glide on untouched trails with the flexibility of a specially designed board. As you conquer untracked peaks, prepare for an exhilarating downhill ride in the famous Japow.

Note: Even though we provide avalanche equipment you will need to either have your own splitboard or rent from one of the nearby rental shops.  

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Understandibly planning your trip is not straightforward.  Powder tours especially need to be tailored to your needs and expectations.  Let us know what you want to do.

Hotel pick up

For these trips we can pick you up and travel to where is best, searching out the best conditions on offer.

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Whether you want to ride solo or have a group that want to explore together we can accomdate your needs.

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We provide backpacks with the necessary avalanche equipment to travel safely in the backcountry

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