Welcome to the instructor training platform by Richie Webb, your guide to becoming an elite snowboard instructor. With over two decades in the industry, Richie has dedicated his life to the world of snowboarding. Starting his journey in the late 90s in the UK, Richie ventured globally, riding the best snow from the Alps to the scenic mountains of New Zealand.

Why Train With Richie Webb?

Richie, originally from Oxford, UK, has turned the mountains into his home. Not only is he an experienced snowboarder with 38 seasons under his belt, but he also has the credibility of being a certified SBINZ snowboard trainer since 2007 and an ISIA instructor since 2006. With his experience and qualifications, he has helped budding enthusiasts in places like Niseko, Japan, and has developed Nomadice, a cutting-edge marketing platform offering specialized snowboard camps, powder tours, and instructor training sessions.

Your Pathway to Certification:

Under Richie's guidance, you will prepare for internationally recognized qualifications:

  • Level 1: A beginner's entry into the winter sports industry, covering fundamentals like rider improvement, guest services, teaching children, and safety protocols.

  • Level 2: Progressing further, this qualification allows instructors to teach students at an higher level, giving them a more comprehensive understanding of snowboarding.

  • Level 3: For those aiming to master all aspects of snowboarding, this covers all mountain and terrain park situations.

Richie has trained instructors from their level 1 right through to their level 4 and trainers certification.  Having trained staff internationally he has also delivered training for various associations APSI, AASI, CASI, BASI and SBINZ. 

The key to success lies in the fine balance between technical knowledge and the art of teaching.

Richie's unique approach simplifies the learning process, making the first time on a snowboard as painless as possible. He understands the distinct requirements of each side of a snowboard, ensuring students learn from their strengths, eventually boosting their confidence.

Embark on your journey to become a snowboard instructor with Richie Webb, and let the mountains be your classroom. Snowboarding is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. Discover it with Richie.

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Training on Demand

We can customise your training plan to your needs and fit it around your season plans.

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Training instructors from various associations with success in instructors gaining SBINZ, AASI, BASI, CASI and APSI certs.

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1-5 Persons

Whether you want 1-2-1 training or plan to train with your friends we can accomodate your needs.


We don't just work on riding we prepare you for all elements ina an exam, demos, teaching, analysis and mental approach.

2023/24 Instructor Training Rates

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Snowboard Associations Who Operate In Japan

These three associations tend to run certifications during the Japanese winter season.  This always depends on demand from candidates and also availability of examiners in Japan.  They normally post their course calendars at the end of the southern hemisphere winter season however some exams might be arranged through snowsports schools in Japan and ad hoc when there is demand.

click logos to visit their course outline pages

Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors

APSI courses tend to be led by demand and examiner availability however if you are working for one of the bigger schools thenm these are sometimes planned. 


CASI-ACMS normally runs levels 1,2 & 3 across certain Japanese resorts so this gives candidates options if they are willing to travel.  

Snowboard Instruction New Zealand

SBINZ runs a whole host of certifications throughout the season and across Japan.  They typically run 1,2 & 3 but sometimes offer Childrens cert and Park cert also.

Previous Locals Instructor Training

Throughout the season we offer instructor training for those seeking to gain their next certification. From evening sessions to full training weeks we have you covered.

Previous Niskeo snowboard instructor training sessions 2020

International Snowsports Associations

These associations may also run certifications in Japan.  They all run courses throughout the seasons and can be an option if you are looking to get certified when returning home or moving onto your next destination.

Each country has their own association drop me a message and I can send you the appropriate link to where you want to take your certifications.